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Start your own travel to worlds beyond.  Visit the medieval Viking village of Sunmore, take in the grandeur of the Geiranger Fjord, or spend some leisurely time in Oslo at the Viking Ship Museum.  We’ll follow the sunstone to the lands of the Norse gods.  What wealth will you find to add to your hoard?  Maybe the blessings of Odin.

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Land of Fjords


The capital city of Oslo is the home of the largest Viking longship ever found – The Gokstad Ship.  This 9th century craft is lovingly preserved at the Viking Ship Museum.  You won’t want to miss this boat!


Step back in time in the open-air museum of Sunmore. Here you can get an insight into Viking culture, lifestyle and architecture. We’ll then sail you into the famous Geirenger Fjord in all it’s magesty.  Keep your camera ready!


Explore the wharf of this salty port city.  As the medieval capital, Bergen boasts the 16th century Bergenhus Fortress and a reconstructed stave church, among other amazing sights.  This is a do-not-miss stop on our memorable itinerary. 


Exploration is what sets the soul on fire.
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