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The Vision

It Started With a Day in Dubrovnik

That’s where the two loves of my life merged: travel and my favorite epic show.

I had just made the rounds of the city on a fan site tour and was sitting on a wall looking at Ft. Lovrjienac, a very recognizable castle.  My heart was still pounding with the excitement of the experience and I wanted more. I wanted to see it all, from the far north to the grass seas, and everything in between.  And I knew just how I wanted to do it – from the decks of a luxury cruise ship, surrounded by fellow fans.

That was the beginning of an idea – one that has grown to include 5 other fan cruises.  

I have been in the travel industry for 23 years.  I know my way around the globe, but now I wanted to travel to a whole other world.  I also knew I wanted to do it with folks just like me, super-fans who couldn’t get enough of our favorite world.  I could create an adventure like no other. My quest had begun.

I started in 2016 to lay the groundwork of my new venture – Cruise the Realm.   I dreamed of porting in main cities across the World and taking fans on unforgettable excursions to iconic filming locations.  This I could do. But I knew I could give them much, much more. I wanted the cruise itself to be epic. With immersive activities, beautiful themed decor, award winning culinary experiences and luxury accommodations, I could do just that.

That dream has just gotten bigger and bigger. I invite each and every fan to join me aboard the grandest cruise on the seas – Cruise the Realm.

Lynette Durovic

Fan & Creator